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Canterbury Weather

Canterbury Cathedral
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2018-08-01 08:45:00 GMT
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An Bhreatain Bheag?
10 Mar 2011 - Google Maps is keen to show place names in the local language, which is why it will say "Deutschland" instead of "Germany" and "Italia" instead of "It...

20 May 2009 - It's been a while, but I've finally found time to upgrade Wordpress and actually get my blog fixed. All I need now is something to blog about :-)

Canterbury Cathedral in Lego - Part 3
22 Mar 2009 - Another update on my progress building Canterbury Cathedral in Lego. The floorplan is now mostly complete except for the complicated east end of th...


EarthToolsA collection of useful tools for finding your height above sealevel, location, time zone, local time and sunrise/sunset/twilight times. Also contains a database of over 7.5 million place names to quickly find the place you want.

A few webservices are also available that let you query the time zone and local time, sunrise and sunset times and height/elevation above sea level for a specified latitude and longitude. Ideal for incorporating into applications built using the Google Maps API.

Google Maps

Google Maps Landmarks - A selection of landmarks which are visible with the Google Maps satellite imagery. Currently only includes England, Scotland, Wales, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

Google Maps Info - Google Maps offer a wealth of opportunities for disseminating large amounts of geographical data in a familiar and easy-to-use way. Therefore, many people have invested time in discovering how they can use Google Maps to their advantage. Find out about how to use Google Maps to show your own data or see what other websites use Google Maps.

Coordinate Conversion

Use these packages to convert between Ordnance Survey (OSGB) grid references, UTM references and points of latitude/longitude. They also have functions to calculate the surface distance between two points of latitude and longitude.


jSunTimes - The jSunTimes package provides a way to calculate sunrise, sunset and twilight (civil, nautical and astronomical) times using Java. jSunTimes can be integrated in your own code or you can use it stand-alone on a website as an applet or a WebStart application.

Intro to Java - A concise guide on some of the more elementary aspects of Java.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

ChoonBot - An IRC bot that allows you to control Winamp from an IRC channel. We use ChoonBot a lot in our office where we generally have some music playing most of the time - as we all use IRC, having an IRC is a really convenient interface.

TellyBot - Access TV listings and set reminders for your favourite programmes in IRC using this convenient IRC bot. TellyBot is compatible with the XMLTV standard so where an XMLTV grabber is available, listings can be loaded into it.

Other Things

About Me - A page of information about me, if you are that interested!

Curriculum Vitae - View my Curriculum Vitae if you are interested in hiring me for a job.

E-Mail Stats - I get a lot of spam. So I set up some scripts to record and graph the proportion of spam to genuine e-mail that I get.

Pancake Day - Find out about the age-old traditions of Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday.

Partial Solar Eclipse, 3rd October 2005 - A page of information and photos from the partical eclipse on 3rd October 2005, as seen from Canterbury, UK.

Tamworth Timeline - A concise timeline detailing the history of my home town - Tamworth, Staffordshire. This is an ongoing page which I update every so often.

Recipes - Lots of my favourite tasty recipes. Check out my favourite one for bread and butter pudding!

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