ChoonBot uses a combination of Winamp (not version 3!), BrowseAmp and Paul Mutton's PircBot to create an IRC bot that allows users on an IRC channel to control the music played by the computer that is running Winamp. BrowseAmp uses HTTP requests to control Winamp, so in theory, Winamp and BrowseAmp could be running on one computer and ChoonBot on another.

The current version is 0.82 ( 10th November 2005 ).

ChoonBot is provided without warranty of any kind and use is entirely at your own risk. As it is still in development, there may be many problems still to be sorted out. E-mail me at to report any problems with ChoonBot.


Current Version

Previous Versions

How to set up ChoonBot

ChoonBot commands

Here is a list of commands that ChoonBot understands:



Version History

ChoonBot Licensing

This software product is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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