google maps

Google Maps is one of the latest phenomena to appear from the Google stables. Barely a few months old, it has already gained a significant amount of interest, particularly in the areas of finding interesting things on the satellite images and customising the maps to provide georeferenced data.

Google Maps Landmarks

I have collected together a selection of landmarks currently visible on on high-resolution satellite imagery on Google Maps. Landmarks are arranged by country. More landmarks will be added as and when Google extend their coverage of high-resolution satellite imagery.

Google Maps Information

Go here for lots more information on how to get the most from Google Maps. Includes links to other pages on the Internet which explain how to use the Google Maps API to create your own customised maps as well as a selection of sites which illustrate customised Google Maps.

My Customised Google Maps

I have not missed out on the Google Maps revolution! I have been playing with creating my own customised Google Maps showing various georeferenced information.

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